A black flag with a horizontal blue stripe represents mourning for law enforcement. It is called the "thin blue line," one of many flags used to communicate different events and circumstances. More »

The yellow stripe in the middle of the Bahamas flag represents the sun as well as the sandy beaches that line the 700 Bahamian islands. The two aqua blue stripes on the top and bottom represent the ocean waters that surr... More »

The five-lined skink is a lizard that is commonly found in Oklahoma. These lizards have smooth, shiny black bodies with yellow stripes and bright blue tails. More »

On the Barbados flag, the left blue stripe symbolizes the sky, the middle yellow stripe represents the sand, and right blue stripe symbolizes the ocean. The trident in the middle of the flag pays homage to independence f... More »

The origins of the Scottish flag lie in a tale from 832 A.D. when King Angus II dreamed before a battle that Saint Andrew will protect them in the following day. The next day the white clouds formed a Saltire cross with ... More »

Folding the British flag should be done as follows: fold the flag in half once and then once more, fold the last third inwards, roll it towards the heading and tie it in its folded state with light cotton using a slip kn... More »

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The proper way to display the flag of the United States of America is with the union, or the field of stars, at the peak of a staff or flagpole. When hung on a wall, the union should be at the top left side. More »