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The most common cause of a black eye is a blow to the face. Black eyes can cause pain, blurry vision, swelling and headaches. It is a sort of bruising to the tissues around the eyes. Black eye and swelling around the eyes can also occur for a variety of reasons such as nasal injuries, […]


A black eye is a proof of something that has gone wrong with you and had left your skin around eye bruised. It can be an accident, a surgery for a facelift, nasal problem or jaw surgery, some dental infection or even allergic reaction or insect bite!


WebMD's guide to treating a black eye. First step: Apply something cold to the area. It helps ease swelling and narrows your blood vessels. That will stop bleeding below your skin.Make a crushed ...


A black eye (or "shiner") occurs when fluids collect in the tissues surrounding the eye after an injury near the eye. Technically speaking, a black eye is a bruise or discoloration caused by broken blood vessels under the surface of the skin. Like other bruises, a black eye typically is accompanied ...


Finally solved my Black Eyes/Missing Textures problems I was having with my game... And its so simple that I feel like a moron that it took me a week to fix it. Heres the deal. Many of the lovers mods use the Japanese body set to create kids, etc... The problem is that the Plus Plus version doesn...


Black eyes can be sooooooooo annoying, especially if your going out so I'm here to show you a really fast way in which you can get rid of it!


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Treating a pesky black eye can be as simple as reducing the swelling, taking vitamin C and trying not to aggravate your affected eye. But if you follow this treatment plan and you're still left with a shiner, there are easy ways to conceal your black eye using makeup. Here's what you need ...