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A good poem about church is Philip Larkin's "Church Going." This poem explores the meaning of a church building in the modern era through the skeptical, yet respectful eyes of a non-religious person.


Some inspirational poems for church programs include "Do Not Worry" and "Eternal Hope in Jesus." "A New Song" is another inspirational poem for a church program that discusses a new enthusiasm that comes for living life by accepting Christ's plan of salvation.


As of 2015, some sample free church welcome poems can be found on HeavensInspirations.com and PoetryPoem.com. Sample poems evidence themes of gladness for those that came to worship, an invitation of open arms, a celebration of God's love and a willingness to pray.


"Poem 573" by Emily Dickinson is an excellent poem for church youth groups who want to discuss diverse and shared expressions of faith. It speaks of a religious impulse carried within every person even as it highlights the infinite and seemingly contradictory ways the f...


While there are not many poems written specifically for a church's anniversary, there are many written about religion. One poem is "The Spirit Filled the Church," by Judy Crowe, with lines such as, "The Spirit filled church is the Lord's church, And is always faithful t...


Some traditional wedding style poems include "To My Dear and Loving Husband," by Anne Bradstreet, and "The Good-Morrow," by John Donne. Anne Bradstreet's poem discusses marital happiness on earth and in the hereafter, while John Donne's poem describes the joy of finding...


African American spirituals, a type of religious folksong, are about faith, sorrow, hope and struggles. These spirituals were important to American slaves, who used this form of song to hold onto hope through Jesus Christ and were later used during the Civil Rights Move...