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We always try to bulid the service around the Lord's Supper. We have done a whole meal with the Lord's Supper at the end. The most meaningful communion service for me was on a fire bas in Viet Nam when a bunch of us got together. Had no bread or grape juice, so we tore off pieces of a box and drank water.


PTL I attend Bethel Way of the Cross Church of Christ located in Huntingtown MD and Yes we have holy communion services, We have them every other first Sunday immediately after morning service. We use to have them every first Sunday in the morning or evening but it got changed to the every other first Sunday during the morning only.


Here at New Haven Missionary Baptist Church, every first Sunday of the month at the ending portion of our morning worship experience, we observe in a most solemn and sacred way with much reverence, the meal of Holy Communion. Below are a few Q&A as it relates to communion.


A Service of Holy Communion. ... The church celebrates Holy Communion to remember the love of Christ as demonstrated on the cross of Calvary (Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:26). The Lord wants us to celebrate Holy Communion so that we may remember - so that we don't forget His wonderful love. ...


The Hiscox guide for Baptist churches, entitled "The Standard Manual for the Baptist Churches," states only that churches have an option as to when and how often they will serve Communion and that the practice has become to serve on the first Sunday of the month.


Communion Here’s a simple pattern for a communion service that you can share with your group. (Source Gathering for worship (Baptist Union of Great Britain.) INVITATION TO THE TABLE Come to this table, not because you must but because you may, not because you are strong, but because you are weak. Come, not because any goodness of your


While taking Communion is neither a requirement nor a means of salvation, it is a commandment of the Lord and therefore deserving of honor. Communion is such an important church ordinance that it has a prominent place in our worship service. On first Sundays before the sermon, we administer the elements in reverent observance.


Morning Worship; 12.4.2011 (1st Sunday/Communion Sunday) Observance of Holy Communion - "Let us Break Bread Together" Visit Our Facebook Page: http://www.fac...


"First Sunday Morning Service Communion~~Sept. 4,2011~ 37th St. Baptist Church 915 37 th st Oakland,CA 94608 Bishop Dr. W.C. Mcclinton, Pastor.


For believers, the Supper affords a time for special communion with the Lord, expressing thanks for his sacrifice that enables us to be forgiven of our sin. Thus the Lord’s Supper is also referred to as Communion. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper Relate to Other Baptist Beliefs. Baptist beliefs about baptism and the Lord’s Supper do not ...