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The scientific name for the red wolf is Canis rufus. This wolf species was identified and classified in 1851, and it only exists in North Carolina and Canada.


The wolf is at the top of its food chain and is not hunted by any other animals, although the wolf itself is a carnivore and does hunt other animals. Humans will occasionally hunt wolves, however, most wolves die due to starvation, being hit by a car or from diseases, such as Lyme disease.


There is no designated term for a male wolf. In terms of canines and breeding, a male can be called a sire while a female is called a bitch.


A young wolf is called a pup. The average number of pups born at once is between four and six. This is the litter, and the siblings are called litter mates.


Because of their coloring, Tuxedo, Dice, and Domino would make good names for black and white cats. Harlequin and Magpie also work as unique names for cats with black and white markings.


Adaptations of the red wolf include mechanisms to stay cool in warm climates, as well as the ability to survive heartworm disease, according to the Florida State University Habitat Tracker. Red Wolves are an endangered species that is native to the southeastern United States, but populations can be


According to Pedigree.com, dogs have limited color vision - their eyes have 20 percent of the number of color receptors present in human eyes. Dogs see shades of yellow and blue, but are unable to differentiate between colors ranging from green to red. Dogs perceive red as brownish-gray or black.


The question "what is black and white and red all over" is a classic riddle with several possible answers. One answer, using a play on the homophonic words to change the word "red" to mean "read," is a newspaper.


The answer to the riddle "What is black and white and read all over" is a newspaper. The riddle first appeared in print in 1859 in the Christian Inquirer and was used as a tag line for the Marion, Ohio, Daily Star newspaper in 1880.


According to the Additive Color Theory, white is a color and black is the absence of color. The theory states that white is a combination of many colors, and is produced by combining primary colors red, green and blue light. Black is the absence of these colors.