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It's probably the American Goldfinch. Beautiful bird. Yellow body, black wings and black top of head, bright orange beak and subtle streaks of white on the undertail and mid-wing.


Description. The black oystercatcher is a large entirely black shorebird, with a long (9 cm) bright red bill and pink legs.It has a bright yellow iris and a red eye-ring. Its plumage varies slightly from north to south, being darker further north.. Behavior. The black oystercatcher is restricted in its range, never straying far from shores, in particular favoring rocky shorelines.


Black-headed Grosbeak: Large, stocky finch, black-streaked, orange-brown back, black head, wings, tail. Breast is orange-brown and belly is yellow. Wings have conspicuous white patches. Black legs, feet. Female lacks black head and throat, has brown streaked upperparts and buff streaked underparts. Forages on ground and in trees and bushes. Eats insects, caterpillars, seeds, fruits and berries.


The males live up to their name but, confusingly, females are brown often with spots and streaks on their breasts. The bright orange-yellow beak and eye-ring make adult male blackbirds one of the most striking garden birds. One of the most common UK birds, its mellow song is also a favourite.


Bright yellow body with black wings and red head. Western Tanagers have white wing bar. Black tail. Males have red-orange heads, lacking on first year males and winter plumage. Females are yellowish or grayish with olive-green wings and tail. The bill of both genders is pale yellowish and swollen. Length bill tip to tail tip: 7-1/4 inches.


Beak main color Black/Gray (1235) Yellow/Orange (336) Other (175) Red (32) Beak secondary color Solid color bill (1028) Black/Gray (416) Yellow/Orange (178) Other (139) Red (37) Beak shape Straight, thin relative to length (1002) Straight, thick relative to length (550) Hooked (159) Curved down, elongated (38) Curved up, elongated (14) Belly ...


This bird is a permanent resident in much of its range. Northern birds migrate in flocks to the southeastern United States. These birds forage on the ground, in shallow water or in shrubs; they will steal food from other birds. They are omnivorous, eating insects, minnows, frogs, eggs, berries, seeds and grain, even small birds.


The common blackbird (Turdus merula) is a species of true thrush.It is also called the Eurasian blackbird (especially in North America, to distinguish it from the unrelated New World blackbirds), or simply the blackbird where this does not lead to confusion with a similar-looking local species. It breeds in Europe, Asiatic Russia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to Australia and New ...


Male Andean Cock-of-the-Rock birds are more colorful with their bright red head, breast, throat, and shoulders. They have grey wings, an overall black underparts, and a very prominent disk crests over their bill. On the other hand, the female birds are orange to brown in color and have smaller crests.