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The black box in airplanes and helicopters, which is actually orange, is brightly colored to help investigators retrieve data stored in those boxes in the event of a crash. Black boxes come in two separate parts: a voice recorder and a flight data recorder. Despite having an entirely different color


The orange bird of paradise is a tropical plant with orange and purple blooms that resemble birds. These blooms grow from gray-green foliage that grows in clumps that are 3 to 5 feet tall. The plants are slow to flower, waiting 4 to 5 years before the first blooms appear, though they tend to bloom c


The most common snakes with black and orange coloring are orange-striped ribbonsnakes, corn snakes and ringneck snakes. These species are all nonvenomous and harmless to humans.


The bold jumper spider is a jumping spider that is commonly found in the United States. Bold jumpers are mostly black with a highly visible orange, white or red patch in the middle of the abdomen. Another common spider, the lattice orb weaver, is mostly orange with black spots.


When a black and orange butterfly, most likely a Monarch butterfly, lands on a person, it most likely means that a person needs to experience a transformation in their life and should be sensitive, graceful and welcoming to the idea of change. Butterflies, in the spirit world, symbolize a metamorpho


Bright's disease is a kidney disorder, according to MedicineNet. In Bright's disease, the blood vessels in the kidneys are inflamed and albumin, a type of protein, is excreted in the urine. Bright's disease is also known as nephritis and can be acute or chronic, says Wikipedia.


Bright’s disease refers to glomerulonephritis, or glomerular disease, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. Symptoms of glomerulonephritis include discoloration of or foam in the urine; elevated blood pressure; fluid retention; swelling of the face, abdomen or extremities; and fatigue, states Mayo


Bright's disease is caused by inflammation on certain parts of the kidneys, typically in the spaces between renal tubules or on the glomeruli, according to WiseGeek. Several conditions can cause this disease to occur, including lupus, urinary tract infections, bacterial infections and certain allerg


Subtle colors like tan and light brown go well with medium and bright shades of orange. Pale orange hues pair well with shades of blue and gray.


According to Dream Home Decorating, colors that go with deep orange include hot pink, light pink, dark green and mint green. The colors that go with tangerine orange are soft turquoise, lime green, aqua and baby blue.