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Some birthday gift ideas for an 80-year-old woman include a basket of assorted teas and biscuits, slippers, or a sweater that zips or ties in front. Another great idea is to print a cherished photo onto a mug or pillow.


Classic jewelry pieces such as watches and earrings make great gifts for a woman turning 40. It may also be suitable to give the woman one of the items from her bucket list.


Some good birthday gift ideas for a 50-year-old person include a vintage drink, a handmade or jewelry item, a donation for a special cause, a picnic or a shopping spree. Furthermore, a collection of things available 50 years ago can evoke a sense of nostalgia.


Good birthday gifts for 18-year-old girls include gift cards, makeup sets, tech accessories, fashion accessories and books. Friends and relatives can also choose from a variety of practical gifts, such as bags and storage items.


Some great first-birthday gift ideas include toys that a child can push and pull, fill and spill, sort and stack, and rock and roll. For instance, a push toy is a buggy that the child leans on and pushes. This type of gift helps the child learn to walk and build balance. After children gain experien


Some possibilities of birthday gifts for men include clothing, such as ties and jackets, sports gear, watches and car accessories. Additional ideas are power tools, books and tech gadgets.


Good gifts for a woman on her 21st birthday are jewelry, a gift card to her favorite store or a card with $21. Additional ideas are taking her out to someplace nice or making a collage of things about her. Other ideas are personalized shot glasses or wine glasses, a book about her life story and a f


A good gift for a person's wife on her birthday might be a digital camera, gym membership, spa day or personalized jewelry. The best gifts are thoughtful ones that come from the heart. In order to come up with a unique idea, keep in mind different things she is passionate about.


Good birthday gifts for husbands include Ion iCade gaming systems, noise-reducing headphones, interesting phone cases, comfortable and fashionable sneakers, and remote controlled vehicles. Warm boots, sunglasses, whiskey glasses, funny t-shirts and watches are also good birthday gifts for husbands.


Last minute birthday gift ideas include gift cards, candles, food and alcohol. Other good gift ideas, such as candles, perfumes, lotions and fashion accessories, can be purchased and stored in the closet for when a gift is needed right away.