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Tarot.com, Horoscope.com and AstroCenter.com all offer free love horoscopes. None of the sites require the user to register and all provide love horoscopes for the current day as well as other dates, as of 2015.


Horoscope.com offers users daily love horoscopes online, as well as daily love tarot card readings and a Magic Love Ball reading. Astrology Online also offers users love horoscopes along with daily, weekly and monthly traditional horoscopes.


Free horoscopes are available on several astrology websites such as Horoscope.com and Astrology.com as well as popular media sites including Elle.com and HuffingtonPost.com. Horoscope.com and Astrology.com also have free mobile apps so users can view their horoscopes anytime from their mobile device


Websites such as Astrology.com, Cafe Astrology and Astrostyle provide daily or monthly Cancer horoscopes. The websites provide general horoscopes as well as specific horoscopes on topics such as love, relationships, money and health.


Daily horoscopes are available on websites such as Horoscope.com and DailyHoroscope.com. To read a specific horoscope on Horoscope.com, click on one sign of the zodiac from the provided options. On DailyHoroscope.com, select one sign of the zodiac from the top menu of the home page to view the horos


Find daily horoscopes at HoroscopeDates.com, Horoscope.com and EasyScopes.com. These websites provide daily horoscopes free of charge, with no sign-in needed. Horoscope.com also features daily love horoscopes, wellness horoscopes and pet horoscopes, as well as links to related services and articles


Dailyhoroscopes.com features daily and weekly horoscopes for all signs with a special reading for those celebrating a birthday. There are also divinations based on numerology, I Ching, Gong Hee Fot Choy and the runes. In addition to the readings, the site's author Da Juana Byrd writes articles for t


Some popular websites for reading daily horoscopes include Astrology.com, Horoscope.com and CafeAstrology.com. In addition to daily horoscopes, these websites offer other services, such as psychic readings, love advice, numerology and Chinese astrology.


Although there has been little research into the specific validity of horoscopes, the way in which celestial bodies interact with the Earth's magnetic field may have an influence over human behavior and brain development in fetuses. This view is a rather fringe opinion in science, however, and is


Individuals can read horoscopes in Spanish at Horoscopo.com, Voces.HuffingtonPost.com and LaPrensaToledo.com. All three websites publish free horoscopes, along with other Spanish-language features, including news stories, special-interest articles, classifieds and additional astrology readings.