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Foreign passport with Form I-94 or Form I-94A with Arrival-Departure Record, and containing an endorsement to work A foreign passport must be accompanied by a Form I-94/94A Arrival-Departure Record bearing the same name as the passport and containing an endorsement of the individual’s nonimmigrant status and authorization to work for a specific employer based on this status.


Resources: Examples of Completed Form I-9. Accurate completion of Form I-9 is a key component of compliance. All relevant fields of the form must be fully completed and the document submission(s) accurately recorded.


13.3 List C Documents That Establish Employment Authorization. ... Birth Certificate. Only an original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority, or outlying possession of the United States that bears an official seal is acceptable. Versions will vary by state and year of birth.


Below Birth Certificate sample is watermarked due to keep the privacy intact of the applicant. We also request you, please not to further misuse following birth certificate sample. This birth certificate sample is just to see, how look like these nadra birth certificates are. This is only birth certificate issuing across the Pakistan, but under ...


Birth Certificate-English Birth Certificate- Not English Birth Certificate Translation Non-Availability of Certificate Birth Affidavit - Mother Birth Affidavit - Father Birth Affidavit - Uncle Affidavit - One & Same Person First Name Change After Marriage Birth Certificate RFE Response to RFE Other Sample Documents


Birth Certificate I9 . 25 Prettier Images Of Birth Certificate I9 . Pleting Section 3 Reverification and Rehires. Additional Documentation Requirements. How to Plete An I 9 form. form I 9 Pliance & E Verify Webinar. Acceptable Documents for I 9 Verification Impact. Uscis Releases New form I 9 Handbook for Employers


This is the birth certificate number. Contacting the local Department of Vital Records is the best way to determine a birth certificate number if the original copy of the certificate isn't available or if the number can't be identified. The Department of Vital Records maintains a record of all birth certificate numbers issued in the state.


SAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS . FOR AUTHORIZATION TO WORK VERIFICATION . ... Only an original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority, or outlying possession of the United States that bears an official seal is acceptable. ... Samples of Acceptable Documents for Authorization to Work Verification ...


NADRA PAKISTAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE SAMPLE ISLAMABAD. Here you can see the sample document of Nadra Birth Certificate, As Now Nadra Computerized Birth Certificates are being issued in Pakistan, you can review the sample certificate of Nadra Birth Certificate, below Sample birth certificate is only for review, watermarked and sample birth certificate contents are removed to keep the privacy.


Then, when you receive your new Social Security card or the certified copy of your birth certificate, you can bring these documents to Human Resources (Baker Building, 10th floor, 110 21st Ave. S.) to complete your Form I-9. If you don't receive your replacement document within 90 days, email i9@vanderbilt.edu. 5. I am a J-1 or F-1 visa holder.