Game birds are available for purchase at Stromberg’ and Stromberg’ offers a large selection of game birds that include guineafowl, peafowl, pheasants and quail. This site also feature... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds, M & D Birdworld, and are places that have many exotic birds available for sale, as of 2015. Some of the websites are professional pet brokers that sell their own inventory an... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

Birds for sale by owners can be found online at This is a site that has a variety of pet owners looking to sell their feathered friends. More » Pets & Animals Birds and Petsmart's website have retail market prices of birds for sale. shows a price range for each breed depending on individual qualities, while Petsmart lists one set price for each bree... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

House Bill 1043, passed in 2011, prohibits the possession of birds intended for fighting, as well as prohibiting attendance of cockfights in Texas, according to the Humane Society of the United States. In addition, the b... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

Parakeets, and most birds, should not eat apple seeds, chocolate, avocados, onions and mushrooms. These foods can cause a variety of problems including liver failure and cardiac distress. Parakeets should also not be fed... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds

Buy inexpensive pet birds through breeders, pet stores, bird sanctuaries and online wholesale sites. PetSmart and PetCo sell inexpensive birds at locations nationwide. Wholesale sites such as Birds Express and Legacy Bir... More » Pets & Animals Pets Pet Birds