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To make a bird house, cut the pieces, make the roof, and glue the pieces together. You need bar clamps, waterproof wood glue, a 1-inch hole saw, an 8-foot 1-by-8-inch cedar board, 1 1/4-inch galvanized screws, 1/2-inch galvanized pipe, 1/2-inch galvanized flange and a s...


Some common wooden birdhouse designs include nesting boxes for bluebirds, flickers, wrens, purple martins and woodpeckers, as well as designs for phoebes and robins, ducks and American kestrels. Most wooden birdhouse designs are enclosed, but platform and gazebo designs...


To paint house siding, clean the exterior, scrape off existing paint, fill in any gaps and paint on a coat of primer. After the primer is dry, add a top coat of paint.


Home designs vary over time, but ranch homes, craftsman-style homes and colonial homes are all popular options. Many newer homes are difficult to categorize since construction methods are similar even with different design types.


To spray paint a house, inspect the exterior for any damage, clean the outside surfaces, make any necessary repairs, and mask off all areas that are not being painted, and then apply the pain. If you are painting wood, follow up the spraying with a roller to create a se...


Two methods can be used to paint designs on walls. The first method is stenciling, in which wall designs are created by painting over stencil templates. The second method is mural painting, which involves creating a pattern on transparent paper, creating a grid or using...


The White House was first made white because a lime-based whitewash was used in 1798 when its walls were completed. The whitewash helped to protect the porous stone of the White House from freezing.