The northern cardinal produces at least 16 different calls, but the most common call is a loud, metallic chip. It is used when predators are in the area and to warn intruders to leave. More » Pets & Animals Birds

The diet of birds varies widely, and generally includes seeds, nuts, fruits and small insects, beetles and worms. Different species of birds consume various substances, and avian diets are different for domestic and wild... More »

The cardinal has spiritual meaning in the Christian faith and to many Native American tribes. Christian symbolism holds that the cardinal's red color symbolizes the blood of Christ. In the Choctaw tradition, cardinals ar... More »

The red cardinal symbolizes monogamy and relationships. Native American lore states that cardinals are emissaries of the great spirit that carry messages and knowledge to people. More »

The main predators of the cardinal include hawks, owls and snakes. Domestic cats and dogs have also been known to attack cardinals, while nestlings and eggs are often the meal of small mammals, including foxes and raccoo... More »

The social patterns, mating behaviors, coat colors and vocalization capacities are all adaptations that help cardinals survive. According to National Geographic, cardinals are classified as songbirds; males and females h... More »

To catch an escaped bird, act quickly to visually locate the bird. Next, place its cage near the area where it escaped, and place bird food or treats inside the cage. Then call the bird to see if it will come to you. More » Pets & Animals Birds