Crows are generally larger than most common feeder birds. Feeders, such as long seed tubes that are surrounded by a rubber-coated mesh, allow smaller birds to enter and feed and prevent access from larger birds. More » Pets & Animals Birds

Some types of squirrel-proof bird feeders are situated atop long steel poles or encased in mesh material that allows small birds in but keeps squirrels and large birds out. They are available on such websites as Birdfeed... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Birds have specific housing requirements for their health and well-being, and the commercially available bird-feeders, no matter how large, do not meet these requirements and are not a housing option for birds. A bird's ... More » Pets & Animals Birds

In a British study using different colored bird feeders, birds were most attracted to silver, blue and green. However, such preferences varied according to species, with goldfinches preferring green. More »

Birds do use bird feeders, although in some instances they resist utilizing the feeder. Location, the type of bird seed used, and the presence of other animals such as squirrels can deter birds from using a feeder. More » Pets & Animals Birds

To make a bird feeder, cut a piece of PVC pipe to 140 degrees, and then cut dowel rods and boards to make a frame for the feeder. Use screws and wood glue to assemble the feeder. A bird feeder can be assembled in an hour... More » Pets & Animals Birds

You can make a plastic bottle bird feeder by cleaning a 2-liter plastic bottle and removing all labels, cutting two small holes at the base of the bottle, one small hole on either side of the bottle near the top and two ... More » Pets & Animals Birds