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The study of bioengineering applies the principles of engineering to the complexities of biological systems in a fusion of studies that promotes scientific discovery, knowledge, and solutions through research and education. While our faculty and students already represent diverse areas of research, we are equally excited about expanding the frontiers of Bioengineering.


Topics Biomedical Engineering David Bishop Elected to the National Academy of Engineering He is the third BU engineer to join prestigious society


Assortment of common research topics in bioengineering, biotechnology, and biomedicine. (Many of these topics are inter-related) 1. Stem Cell Research Laboratory studies of stem cells enables bioengineers and other scientists to learn about the cells’ essential properties and what makes them different from specialized cell types.


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Bioengineering Research Grants and Partnerships. NINDS accepts applications for Bioengineering Research Grants (BRG), and Bioengineering Research Partnerships (BRP) that address technology development and optimization specific to the NINDS mission of basic and translational research to reduce the burden of neurological diseases. Biomarkers


Topic Bioengineering and biotechnology. News Search Form (Bioengineering and biotechnology) Search for Articles: Subscribe to RSS. ... Assistant Professor Ellen Roche develops revolutionary medical devices through research at the crossroads of medical science and engineering.


Research Areas. Students interested in pursuing research in a particular focus area receive guidance in selecting advanced coursework that is tailored to educate them about a specific concentration of biomedical engineering. Faculty members in the Department of Biomedical Engineering are organized into the following research area groups ...


Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology publishes articles across a wide research spectrum. The mission of the journal is to bring all relevant bioengineering and biotechnology areas together on a single platform. Journal CiteScore: 4.36 Impact Factor coming 2019. Read More


Graduate Research; Graduate Research ... resuscitation, cancer, orthopedic disorders, and sports injuries. The aim of bioengineering research and education is to bring engineering thinking and methods to bear on these problems, with the ultimate goal of providing approaches for effective prevention, early diagnosis, and successful intervention. ...


Topics Biomedical Engineering Why Blood Vessels Leak Researchers forward cancer research by uncovering complex interplay between physical forces and Notch pathway