Some depth perception cues include light and shade, fusion, aerial perspective and interposition, according to EyeHealthWeb. If a person doesn't see clearly with one eye, depth perception cues help her determine distance... More » Health Vision

Depth perception is a psychological construction that produces the ability to judge distances and see in three dimensions. This results from binocular stereoscopic vision, in which each eye takes in a separate slightly d... More » Health Vision

There are two kinds of binocular cues: retinal disparity and convergence. Retinal disparity is a measure of the difference between what the two eyes see. Objects that are close to the eyes appear the same in each eye. Co... More »

To improve your depth perception, hold a pen arm's length away and practice repeatedly placing a cap on the pen, suggests Another exercise to try is extending your arm while holding a small object, su... More » Health Vision

Loss of vision in one eye, or acquired monocular vision, makes depth perception extremely difficult, especially when gauging the distance within 3 feet of the eye, according to the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Associa... More »

People have surgery on their eye muscles to realign their eyes, which eliminates double vision, improves depth perception and restores the normal appearance of the eyes, according to the American Association for Pediatri... More » Health Vision

"Retinal disparity" refers to visual perception that creates dimensionality and depth due to viewing the same object from two slightly different vantage points because of two eyes. This term is also known as binocular di... More »