A bill-of-sale form should include the location of the property, the seller's and buyer's details, the form of payment and amount paid for the property, the sale tax, and property and witness details, according to FormSw... More »

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Bill of sale forms are available to download for free from LawDepot and DMV.org, as of 2015. DMV.org features links to state-specific bill of sale forms. LawDepot allows visitors to complete and print bills of sale onlin... More »

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Printable bills of sales are available on DMV.org, Law Depot and Rocket Lawyer. Some states require that sellers use the state-provided bills of sales, which car owners can find on their DMV websites as printable forms. More »

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Use a sample bill of sale template to obtain the basic structure for the document from which you must customize to include the specific details of the sale, including the parties involved, the property in question and th... More »

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To fill out a bill of sale properly, include the full name and address of both the buyer and the seller as well as identifying information about the property being sold and the purchase price, according to CarsDirect. Fo... More »

To open a bill payment center, choose the type of payments to accept, discuss the details of accepting payment with vendors, complete and return applications, acquire the relevant software and choose a business location.... More »

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According to Reference.com, a legal payment agreement letter must contain the date of the transaction as well as the details of the repayment agreement and any penalties incurred if the borrower defaults on the agreement... More »