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Swelling of the lower leg can be caused by several different factors that include standing for extended lengths of time, sitting in the same position for long periods, blood pressure medicines and steroids, explains Healthline. Being overweight can also cause lower leg swelling.


Leg injuries, leg infections, leg surgery, certain medications and blood clots in the leg may cause a leg to swell, according to MedlinePlus. Aging and problems with the heart, liver or kidney may cause legs to swell. The swelling may spread to other areas, including thighs and calves.


Swelling in only one leg can occur due to an infection, varicose veins in the lower leg, an insect bite or a blood clot, explains University of Minnesota Medical Center. Other potential causes are injuries, recent surgical procedures, clothing or accessories that press against the leg, and venous in


Treatments for leg swelling include elevating the leg, losing weight through exercising or eating a low-fat diet, and wearing support stockings, according to MedlinePlus. Other remedies include taking breaks, diuretics and avoiding tight clothing around the thighs.


Some causes of swelling and pain in a leg can include deep vein thrombosis, gout and knee bursitis. Many conditions can cause these symptoms in different parts of the legs, such as different types of arthritis, sprains or an infection. In particular, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammator


Bilateral hearing loss occurs when an individual experiences loss of hearing in both ears, according to West Newton Hearing Center. Such hearing loss may be congenital or acquired, and it may appear gradually or at once. Hearing loss in one ear is called unilateral hearing loss.


Depending on the cause, some tips that may help reduce swelling in the legs include raising the legs above heart level when lying down, consuming a low-salt diet, and wearing support stockings, explains MedlinePlus. Additionally, losing weight if needed, exercising the legs, and avoiding tight cloth


Some of the things that may cause swelling in the feet and lower legs include obesity, cirrhosis, pregnancy, kidney failure and achilles tendonitis. The swelling of the feet or legs is often caused by an accumulation of fluids. This condition is called peripheral edema, notes Healthline.


Common causes of swelling in the legs and feet include poorly functioning veins, pregnancy complications, heart disease, infections and blood clots, according to WebMD. In some cases, swollen feet and ankles occur as a normal result of heavy walking or as a side effect from certain medications.


Potential causes for swelling in one leg include infection or internal bleeding as a result of an injury, according to Drugs.com. Causes for swelling in only one leg are typically not the same for swelling in both legs.