The biggest animal in the ocean, and possibly the largest animal ever to live on Earth, is the blue whale. The maximum recorded weight for a 98-foot blue whale exceeded 209 tons. Longer whales, up to 110 feet, have been ... More »

The largest sea animal is the blue whale, which is also the heaviest animal on Earth. The blue whale weighs over 200 tons and can grow to 100 feet. Blue whales are magnificent marine mammals that have tongues as heavy as... More »

The sailfish is the fastest animal in the ocean and can swim at a speed of 68 miles per hour while the marlin is the second fastest animal in the ocean swimming at speeds of approximately 49 miles per hour. The cheetah i... More »

There are multiple possible fastest animals in the sea due to the difficulty of measuring animal movement speeds in the open ocean; however, the fastest verified animal is the sailfish, whose leaps can propel it up to 68... More »

The strongest animal on Earth is the blue whale. The blue whale is also the largest creature in the entire world. More »

The largest whale recorded in history is the blue whale. Blue whales weigh up to 200 tons and grow to lengths of 100 feet. Their hearts weigh as much as an automobile, and their tongues weigh as much as an elephant. More »

It is not possible to know for certain what would have happened in a fight between a megalodon and a blue whale, as megalodon sharks became extinct roughly two million years ago. Owing to the jaw size and power of the me... More »