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Ever played the classic game Snake? Slither around and eat the apples to grow your snake as long as possible. But don't hit the wall, or eat your own tail! Basket and Ball. Activate the power bounce! Can you find a way over the spikes and past the guards to jump into Basket?


Snakes & Apples is a free thinking game for children and adults alike, where the goal is to guide the snake to eat all the apples in their correct order. But don't be deceived by this seemingly easy mission ! While eating the apples, the snake must also slither through every open space on the board.


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The little snake wants to grow very much, but for this, snake needs to eat apples. Help the snake to eat as many fruits as possible! Caution! Walls and tail - your worst enemy!


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Snake Game keeps you playing just one more time. In the game, you are a snake and you must eat the apples by running into them head first. Each apple you eat makes you one segment bigger. As you grow more and more, it will be harder and harder to avoid 1) eating yourself and 2) bumping into the wall and dying.


Snake at Cool Math Games: Eat the apples in this classic retro game. But don't hit the wall, or eat your own tail! How long can you survive?


The game has to play two modes to choose, in this version of the already known game snake. Pick apples careful not to hit the walls. Complete all levels. Pick apples careful not to hit the cell block.


Kongregate free online game Snakes & Apples - A new spin on an old classic game. During some recent programming experiments with Python, Ri.... Play Snakes & Apples