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Let rub melt in for 20 minutes or more while you prepare EGG. Prepare fire in EGG, starting with a small amount of charcoal in the firebox. Once all charcoal is burning and EGG has warmed up to 300°F/149°C or more, lay wood chunks on coals, and cover with more charcoal to fill firebox.


I am a new Egger.....3 week old Egg. I am going to smoke my first butt this weekend. I hope to have it for dinner Sunday night. In the recipe on the BGE site it says to smoke a 6-9 lb butt for at least 18 hours. I have a 6.5 lb butt and after reading the comments in other threads and after talking to my dealer I think 18 hours might be too long.


Bobby’s Boston Butt {Big Green Egg} Here are the exact steps along with the tools you’ll need to make Bobby’s Boston Butt on the Big Green Egg, which is hands down some of the best pulled pork you’ll ever eat. My friend Bobbly’s Boston Butt cooked on the Big Green Egg is a fave BBQ in my circle.


How to cook pork butt on the Big Green Egg - tips and recipe for making the perfect pulled pork sandwich in your own backyard. Recipes. ... I made a Boston Butt today and followed your directions to a tee and I must say it was wonderful. Had the pulled pork with sauce homemade potato salad and homemade coleslaw. ... ©2019 Big Green Egg Blog ...


Big Green Egg High Heat Boston Butt. Once the pork measured 165° it was time to wrap the pork in foil with a small amount of apple juice. I let the butt cook this way for another 2 hours until the internal temp reached 195°. The crutch.


An annual event held in Atlanta each October. (Sat, Oct 13th, 2018) Originated in 1998 as a way for Big Green Egg to say “Thank You” to our loyal customers.


End-to-end video on smoking a pork butt on the Big Green Egg. RUB RECIPE: http://www.flamingroosterbbq.com/inde...

biggreeneggsperience.com/Boston Butt.html

Now is a good time to wrap that butt in foil (shiny side in) and wrap in towels and put in a cooler for at least 1 hr. This is important. I generally plan for 2 hrs for this thing to rest before I serve. I hope this was helpful. Please let me know, JerryD@biggreeneggsperience.com or on the big green egg users forum - I am "RU Eggsperienced".


Big Green Egg: Boston Butt Well, it's official. We've joined The Big Green Egg groupie cult and there is no going back! Cooking on the egg has already proven to be an art, so I thought I'd track our experiences in hopes that it will help us improve and also help others new to The Egg.