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To build an aquarium, determine the size of the tank and thickness of the glass. Cut five pieces of glass for the sides and bottom of the tank, and connect the pieces with silicone adhesive. Add plastic or metal bracing if desired.


The Maine State Aquarium, the Portland Aquarium and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute are some aquariums located in Maine. Many of Maine's aquariums have conventional-style exhibits, marine interaction and children's activities, but some are set up as scientific laboratories with educational and


The right water temperature in an aquarium depends on the species of fish inside the aquarium. For instance, the water for tropical fish should be between 75 and 80 degrees F, while the water temperature for cold water fish should be well below 70 degrees F.


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Anchor worm, fin rot, dropsy and skin flukes are all common diseases for fish kept in aquariums. The causes and treatments for these diseases vary, and without quick treatment, the affected fish may die.


Aquarium vacuums, or hydro-vacuums, are used to clean the interior of aquariums during water changes. Over time, matter builds up inside from uneaten fish flakes, animal waste and other biological materials. It is important to remove this excess debris to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and fung


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The Georgia Aquarium is located at 225 Baker Street NW in Atlanta, Georgia. It is in downtown Atlanta and is across from Centennial Olympic Park.


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