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Customers can find Bic razor coupons in their local coupon circular, such as Red Plum, according to the website. Another option is to check online through a coupon savings site.


The Bic company came out with the Bic lighter in 1973 in an effort to compete with a new disposable lighter introduced by Gillette in 1972. Bic's lighter was cheaper and superior to Gillette's Cricket. In 1984, Gillette sold its lighter design to a European company.


One Bic lighter trick is to press the flint mechanism down while holding the lighter in a fist. The lighter is then pulled out quickly, causing it to flare before extinguishing. Another trick is to use a lighter as a fulcrum to open a beer bottle. These tricks can be da...


Printable coupons for Bic razors exist, and consumers can use them to get reduced razors or even free items. Coupons for Bic razors are available to download and print on websites such as LivingRichWithCoupons.com, CouponSherpa.com and PassionForSavings.com.


The temperature of a Bic lighter can reach nearly 1,977 degrees Celsius or 3,590.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of a lighter's flame depends on what type of fuel the lighter uses. Bic lighters use butane and are called butane lighters.


A typical No. 2 pencil is 7.5 inches long with a 6.75-inch wooden shaft. Most No. 2 pencils are made from cedar with a hexagonal shaft. The lead is a mixture of graphite, clay and wax.


The length of a standard number 2 pencil is 7.5 inches, and the pencil has a diameter of about 7 millimeters. Golf, or library, pencils are typically about 3.5 inches long. The most common material used for a pencil's core is graphite.