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Many websites offer vocabulary word lists, including vocabulary.com, iteslj.org and bigiqkids.com. Some websites, such as vocabulary.com, offer word lists for a variety of purposes, such as test prep, tributes to famous people, and words found in historical documents. Other sites provide vocabulary


Some good, positive words to have in your vocabulary are abundance, appreciate, delight, innovative and transformative. Positive words can express and encourage positive thinking and emotions. They can inspire, lift the spirit and be life changing.


Vocabulary means a range of words or phrases of a particular language, technical field or system of communication. It also refers to all the words known or used by a person or group. The noun comes from the Latin word "vocabulum," meaning "a collection of words."


As of 2015, three recognized vocabulary books on the market are "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis, "Webster’s New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder" and "Build Your Vocabulary Skills: A Quick and Easy Method" by John LaCarna. All three books have high review ratings on Amazon.com.


The Greek meaning of biblical words is important when studying the Bible because words in the original Greek can have different meanings than the English translation. Understanding the words used in the original language allows for a deeper understanding of the intended messages in the Bible.


Understand the vocabulary word, including any prefixes and suffixes, to ensure you use it properly within the sentence. Once the meaning is clear for you, write a sentence that not only uses the word correctly but makes it clear that you understand it within the context of the sentence.


Practicing vocabulary words with kids can be done using online resources such as online vocabulary games available at PBS.org, using vocabulary building sites like Vocabulary.com or downloading an application such as the free Vocabulary Builder available from a compatible application store like Goog


High school vocabulary words/phrases include photosynthesis for high school ecology, condensation for chemistry, alpha particle for physics, continental shelf for earth science and central nervous system for biology. Additional vocabulary words include dependent variable, scanning tunneling microsco


Some common math vocabulary words are line, digit, equation, angle and estimate. These terms are applicable to basic math and more advanced studies, such as geometry or algebra.


The Biblical meaning of the name Aaron is "a teacher" or "mountain of strength." The name Isaiah means "the salvation of the Lord," while the name Jacob means "cheater" or "one who supplants, undermines."