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As of 2016, popular Spanish biblical dictionaries include the Holman Bible editorial staff's "Diccionario Biblico Ilustrado Holman" and Paula A. Price's "El Diccionaro del Profeta," according to the customer reviews on Amazon.com. The "Diccionario Biblico Ilustrado Holman" contains more than 200 ful


A number of Bible study resources are available online, including Heifer.org, BibleStudyTools.com, BibleStudy.org, Bible.org and CrossWalk.com. Heifer.org is sponsored by the charity Heifer International, which works to end world poverty and hunger. It offers free Bible study kits for Christian and


The National Institutes of Health is one of many places to find an accurate, reliable online medical dictionary. It allows users to look up any medical term and can even find terms when the user is unsure of the proper spelling.


Some Biblical names are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jeremiah, Moses, David, Daniel, Joshua, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Both the Old and New Testaments record traditions and events that determined what name a person was given.


Some common biblical names for boys are Jacob, Benjamin and Andrew. Daniel, Luke, Elijah and James are also popular. Some popular Biblical names for girls are Hannah, Leah, Sarah and Elizabeth.


This is a question posed with the expectation of receiving an answer derived from the Bible. It can either be academic in theological studies or spiritual in a Jewish or Christian setting.


The number six is typically associated with the creation of man (which occurs on the sixth day of creation), while seven indicates completeness or perfection because it is associated with the creation week. The number 10 is associated with the giving of the law, states About.com.


Some free online Hebrew dictionaries include Morfix, Ectaco and DoItInHebrew.com. With any of these dictionaries, users can enter a word in either Hebrew or English and receive an instant translation. Each service offers different related features as well.


Color-hex contains an exhaustive list of color names with associated codes for online usage, including RGB, CMYK and HEX codes for graphic and web designers. Wikipedia includes a similar list of colors, as well as articles about their names and histories.


The Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Easton's Bible dictionary and the King James dictionary are some free Bible dictionaries that are found at Bible Study Tools. The Quick Reference dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names dictionary and Smith's Bible dictionary are also listed on th