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Bi-Color (bicolor) German Shepherds. Bi-colors are often defined as being predominantly black (or blue/liver) with markings on the bottoms of their legs, and sometimes above their eyes and around their muzzles. Below find a few pictures representative of the Bi-Color (bicolor) German Shepherd Dog.


Bi Color German Shepherd. German Shepherds are the 2nd most properly-recognized dogs within the USA instantly behind Labrador Retrievers. GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) are a few of the very recognizable dogs using their pointy ears, attentive and good expressions, and black and tan coats.


He was an all black dog, only having tan on his legs and chest. From the little I have read, I thought that indicated a bi color. There is no bi color or black in his pedigree, all black and tan. I am just curious about this as I am trying to better understand German Shepherd coat genetics. Thanks in advance! Landon Baier


Visit our Sable German Shepherd puppies for sale page to learn more about German Shepherd colors and to reserve your sable puppy! The Sable coat color in German Shepherds is the most dominant gene. More dominant than GSDs of other colors because sable will show even if there is only one sable allele.


Bi Color German Shepherd Puppies. German Shepherds are the 2nd most well-known dogs within the USA directly behind Labrador Retrievers. GSDs (German Shepherd Dogs) are a few of the very recognizable dogs utilizing their pointy ears, attentive and sensible expressions, and black and tan coats.


A bi-color German shepherd is black with tan legs. The toes have very thin black stripes called pencil markings. Most German shepherds are a mixture of black and tan, but bi-colors have a distinct pattern from these two-color dogs that requires the majority of the coat to be solid black.


The German Shepherd dog comes in a variety of colors. The breed standard calls for nice dark pigment and rich colors. Colors that are considered “disqualifying” or “undesirable” according to the German Shepherd Dog standard are white, blue and liver. All others are considered “correct color.” In some breeds, certain colors are connected to specific […]


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The order of color dominance is: Sable (aw), Black and Tan (as), Bicolor (at), and Black (a). Each dog inherits 2 color genes - one from each parent. One is the dominant (expressed) gene, and that is the color that the dog IS. The other recessive (hidden) gene is a secondary color that is carried and can be expressed in that dog's puppies.