A bi-color German shepherd is black with tan legs. The toes have very thin black stripes called pencil markings. Most German shepherds are a mixture of black and tan, but bi-colors have a distinct pattern from these two-... More »

German shepherd dogs are strong, agile and muscular, with a solid body and sloping hindquarters. Their temperaments are typically bold, courageous, loyal and protective. They are high-energy dogs bred for work. More »

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German shepherds are good dogs for people who want a pet that is strong, athletic, active, an effective deterrent and intelligent. Breeding, training and condition of life before introducing a German shepherd into a home... More »

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East German shepherds, a variation of the German shepherd, were bred in East Germany during the separation of the country from 1945 to 1990. The dogs are distinctive in body type, range of color and general temperament. More »

A DDR German shepherd is a particular type of German shepherd bred by the East German government, which is also known as Deutsches Demokratische Republik. They were first bred in the days of the Berlin Wall and have slow... More »

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A short-haired Australian Shepherd is a type of dog breed characterized by a shorter, water-resistant and multicolored coat. Some short-haired Australian Shepherds may have light or multicolored eyes as well. More »

A silver German shepherd is a purebred German shepherd that has a silver or gray color to its coat. Silver is considered an acceptable coat color by the American Kennel Club. More »