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Betta fish tattoos can be portrayed with many elements and symbols to augment their meaning and beauty. Go With an Asiatic Style: The betta fish is symbolic to Malaysia and Thailand. People in these countries often gambled on these fighting fish. In the wild, betta hunt all the time. When humans first started keeping them, there was a high ...


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A betta fish tattoo symbolizes the love of freedom, a defiant spirit and shows a love of personal individuality. Getting a betta fish tattoo is a common way to identify with the aggressive behavior, territorial tendencies and the love of solitude displayed by betta fish.


So, considering how I switched my idea of a tattoo to getting a betta (most likely Buddha, even if he passes by then), I was wondering if anyone here has one? I was originally going to gget a tribal Umbreon tattoo in tribute to Pokemon and how it's influenced my life, but now I want to get something of the fish that saved my life. Soooo pics?


Betta fish tattoo is one of the most popular fish tattoos other than the koi fish tattoo. Betta fish tattoo has become very popular because of their beautifully colored, flared fins and their reputation of aggression. Betta fish is also known as Siamese fighting fish. Because of their fierce and feisty nature, Betta fishes are […]


Betta Fish Tattoos: Betta Fish are fiery fighter fish known for their beautifully colored, flared fins. The Betta Fish tattoos are known for the vibrant color hues used for the fish. The fish are known for their aggressive behavior and prefer solitude. A Betta Fish Tattoo is a way to identify with this fierce little fish and show the world that ...


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Betta Fish Tattoos Popularly known as Siamese Fighting Fish , Betta Fish are feisty, fiery little fighters known for their beautifully colored, flared fins. They are affectionately known as 'Jewels of the Orient' because of their vibrant hues and are one of the most popular ornamental fishes in the world.


The Blue Spotted Betta Plant Leaf Pad is a natural looking leaf, ideal for any bowl or tank, great for your pet Betta! It provides a perfect resting area for your Betta, and attaches to Betta enclosure via a strong suction mount, allowing your Betta to rest peacefully.