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There are several mallet styles for striking your chisels. A metal mallet or hammer should not be used to strike a chisel, unless you want to break the wooden handles of your chisels. Wood is the best option for striking wooden mallets. Most traditional woodworkers correctly use a larger English-style “Joiner’s Mallet” for hitting their ...


There are many different plans available to make a mallet yourself. Generally having the handle held in the head with a taper where the through socket on the head is angled against the taper of the handle is the best method as the force of the swing wedges the handle tighter.


Narex 460 gram 16 oz Beech Wood Carving Mallet is one of the best mallets for carpentry works from Narex. This wood carving mallet is made by the manufacturer in the Czech Republic with the head size of 4 ¼ x 3 x 2 ¼ thick in inches.


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Antique Wood Mallet Wooden Tool Vintage Used Stressed . Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. This old mallet shows years of work , by a craftsman that is long gone . Imagine holding it and thinking about the person that used it and how it may have been used and for what .


StumpyNubs said it best, different mallets different jobs, soft woods for softer, harder woods for harder. Different shapes and sizes as well. One of my favorite mallets a round handle, with a fatter round head. All one piece of wood, Maple.


My mallets always have a scrap piece of leather on one face, kind of like the soft head of the hammer. I do like the Eastwing for smacking stuff in close quarters where a wood mallet is too large to maneuver, but other than that I like the feel of the wood mallet. But that could just be my own bias toward a tool that I’ve made.


Genuine Lignum Vitae is the best wood for a mallet. You likely won't find any, and if you did, you would not make a mallet out of it because it would cost you a large fortune (it's sold by the pound, and is one of the heaviest wood species by volume). Short of that, oak (preferably white) or ash head and hickory handle will last forever.


The best mallet for timber framing is the one that transfer the longest and most potent impact to a tool. The basic physics accomplished from this transfer of energy results in a chisel pushing through wood. To efficiently complete that task, it’s important that your mallet has low rebound qualities.


These drawings detail my mallet. It has the best balance of any mallet I’ve made or owned and it’s heavier than the old one by 25%, which I like. This one is made from an unusual wood – cedar elm. Instead of me telling you about the tree itself, please go to this site and I’ll tell you little of what’s inside it.