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Best Wild Goose Recipes. You have found some of the best wild goose recipes. Recipes so good they are featured on OutdoorChannel.com. Delicious roast goose with crispy skin, a tender goose crock pot recipe and much more. Offering many more homemade game bird recipes for you to choose from.


The first part of the recipe for the best damn goose you've ever had goes like this: Step 1 : Browning Maxus + Winchester Blind Side + Decoying geese = Kill And, now thanks to John Vaca, field pro coordinator at Final Approach , you'll know step 2 - the best way to serve the big hunks of breast meat.


View top rated Wild canadian goose recipes with ratings and reviews. Canadian Roast Goose, Goose In Gravy, Goose Stew, etc.


The above recipe refers to a goose that would dress out at approximately 6-7 pounds. Remember of course that a stuffed bird takes longer to cook. Canada Goose Stew Recipe. Soak breasts from four geese overnight in 1/3 C. salt and 2 TBS baking soda; Sauté 1 large onion, stalk celery in 4 TBS butter for a few minutes.


This is the way I prepare my goose meat for the BBQ. You can add whatever you fancy in the marinade, Orange Marmalade works really well also I just didn't have any when I filmed this.


This is my collection of duck recipes, primarily for wild ducks as well as geese. While most wild ducks enjoy a good reputation, geese are undeservedly maligned as greasy, livery and tough. Yes, they can be all these things, but properly done, a wild goose (or a domestic, for that matter) is essentially a large duck.


A great way to prepare wild goose after the hunt. A goose is roasted and then the meat is removed to simmer with sauerkraut, applesauce, potatoes and brown sugar in a slow cooker. Serve with mashed potatoes for a perfect meal.


Photo by Holly A. Heyser. Yeah, that’s a goose neck. Specifically, it’s the neck from the big Canada goose. I stuffed it with ground goose meat and spices, tied it off at either end, and roasted it a la ficelle, so it would be evenly browned.(Here is how to make sausages using a bird’s neck as the casing.). I’ve stuffed goose necks many times before, but the new bit was roasting the ...


This is a great recipe for that wild bird you're not sure what to do with. Sweet and tangy at the same time. Wild goose breasts are baked with a zesty orange glaze.