Some white elephant gift ideas include speakers, applications, gift vouchers, fun toys and DVDs. Because of the anonymous nature of white elephant gift exchanges, the best gifts are usually gender neutral. There is also ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

A white elephant gift exchange is a game popular at holiday parties. Each guest brings a wrapped gift of nominal value. The exchange gives the player the choice of opening an unopened gift or taking a gift from another p... More »

The best party games for large groups tend to not limit the number of participants, and work best when there are many guests. Many of them focus on breaking the ice and getting conversations between people started. More » Hobbies & Games Group Games

Good gift ideas for Christmas depend on the recipient, but can include colorful throws, classic books, gilded bowls and bracelets with a message that appears handwritten. Giftgivers also can consider practical gifts such... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

Some inexpensive DIY Christmas gift ideas include stitched leather cases, flavored butter and personalized photo clocks. Other options include homemade soap and body sugar scrub, a snow globe cookie jar, and frosted glas... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

To decorate Christmas gift jars, crafters can wrap tartan or metallic ribbon around the lid of a jar for a simple decorative touch. Another idea is to use paint to give jars permanent visual appeal so the gift recipient ... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas

A passage of time photo set is a good gift for parents. This gift shows parents their child's growth from infancy through toddlerhood, school age and college age up to the child's current age. Putting the pictures in a n... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Christmas