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1-1/3 cups warm water (about 115°) 3.5 tsp bread machine yeast 1/4 cup sugar 1/3 cup oil 2 cups bread flour (essential to be bread flour!) 2 cups whole wheat flour 2 tbls gluten (or 1 tbls per cup of ww flour) 2 tsp salt 1/4 cup dry milk powder (makes the crust flaky) Follow the directions in the original recipe.


I used 1.5 tsp of yeast instead and it turned out great. I've tried using the recipe's 2.25 tsp of yeast with 3 cups of butter before and my bread always falls, so perhaps my breadmaker differs from everyone elses.


White bread recipe-I am sure most of you reading this recipe love a good homemade bread recipe. This recipe, with the help of a bread machine, has like a 10-minute prep time. We make this bread more often than any other. It tastes phenomenal. TIP: Use good quality flour for this recipe. I usually use Canadian flour or Sapphire when baking bread.


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Put your hot water, yeast and sugar in your bread machine. Let stand 6-12 minutes depending on the temp of your water. Your yeast will foam. Add remaining ingredients. Use rapid or basic white cycles. Or bake for 25 minute @ 350.


This white bread machine recipe is made with unbleached all-purpose flour! You’ll love this bread recipe cause it’s perfect sandwiches or toast and in our humble opinion, it’s one of the best bread machine recipes ever. There’s no arguing it, she’s 100% the best at baking homemade bread.


I found this recipe on Allrecipes.com. It makes the lightest white bread with a flaky crust. I wanted to share this recipe because it makes the best loaf of bread and is foolproof. I just got a breadmaker and I have been trying many recipes. This is by far the ultimate white bread recipe. Being new to bread making I was a bit afraid to mix the yeast like this but it is really simple and should ...


A bread machine can complete the full bread-making process, from mixing to kneading, to rising, to baking. Just place the ingredients in the machine's bread pan and walk away. In two to three hours you will have freshly baked bread.


Place the water into the bread pan. Sprinkle the sugar then the yeast over the water; allow the yeast to foam for 10 minutes. Add in the melted butter, oil, flour and salt. Select the BASIC or WHITE BREAD setting and press start.


There are many bread machine recipes out there, but if you’re looking for just basic and simple homemade white bread – this is the perfect recipe for you! This is my reliable, “boring”, proven recipe for a basic white bread. And, I also provide tips on how to make a homemade white bread less dense in a bread maker.