The best way to learn Spanish is by speaking the language. Students can practice by speaking to others or can start out by speaking to themselves. A great tool is finding a native speaker to use as a conversation partner... More »

Some easy ways to learn Spanish include developing an "ear" for the Spanish language, practicing speaking as often as possible, and consistency. Learners can practice getting an "ear" for Spanish by listening to Spanish ... More » Education

Some of the best ways to learn English include being in an English speaking environment and practicing every day. The best way to learn is through speaking the language. More »

The best way to learn English often involves a combination of methods, which may include living in an English-speaking country, speaking only in English, studying with a language tutor and listening to English music. Liv... More » Education

"ABC Alphabet Puzzles French" by Kizzu is a language learning app for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. The app uses colorful animal puzzle games to teach the French alphabet and is available through the Apple Store. More » Education

When beginning to learn Creole, start by learning some phrases and study with a native speaker through a language exchange program. A language exchange program offers the advantage of teaching casual expressions common t... More » Education

Some common words in the English language that begin with the letter "u" include umbrella, utopia, urine, urinary, unfazed, unlock, unzip, upon, up and under. Other words that begin with you include underwear, us, ultra,... More » Education