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A Kindle is a basic e-reader from the company Amazon. Kindles often use eInk technology to make the words on the screen look just like those in a normal paper book.


Kindle owners can start using their devices by establishing an Internet connection, registering their devices and loading them with book titles. The Kindle offers users prompts to help them set up their devices properly.


Amazon.com includes a page that lets users manage the content on their Kindle tablets, configure the payment settings, and enable or disable automatic book updates. Kindle users can access this section by navigating to Amazon.com, signing in, and selecting the Manage Your Content and Devices option.


As of 2015, Amazon offers the Kindle for Kids bundle, which includes the 2015 Kindle model, a colorful child-friendly cover and a two-year accident protection warranty. The Kindle for Kids bundle also includes a built-in New Oxford English dictionary.


While calling is not a direct feature of the Kindle, the Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX come equipped with a microphone and camera that allow a user to make video calls using Skype. Skype is free to install from the Amazon App Store.


The Kindle is an Amazon device, so the Amazon website is a good place to compare prices between available units. Shoppers can also compare prices from large retailers, such as Best Buy, who offer price matching policies.


The differences between Kindle and Kindle Fire devices include the type of display they use and the type of media they’re capable of reproducing. They also differ based on the computational power, the ability to run apps and the type of lighting that’s used to illuminate the screen.


The easiest way to manage Kindle collections is by using the Amazon Cloud Collections feature to organize the content into custom categories and store them in the cloud. This method allows Kindle users to add an unlimited number of books and personal documents to each collection. The downside of thi


To reset a Kindle device, users should select Reset Device from the Settings menu. This process permanently erases all personal information, customized settings and content from a device; however, content can be retrieved after the reset by connecting the device to an Amazon account.


Some highly rated keyboards for Kindle devices include the AmazonBasics Bluetooth keyboard for Android devices and the Amazon Fire keyboard. As of August 2015, the AmazonBasics keyboard has a 4.5-star user rating, while the Amazon Fire keyboard has a four-star user rating.