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The time it takes to learn the piano differs from one person to another. Factors that tend to play a role in the difference include the time dedicated to studying and practicing the piano, the age of the learner, experience of the teacher, the learner's passion and their natural abilities.


Piano lessons are available online at sites such as Hoffman Academy and Zebra Keys. Both sites offer a series of free piano lessons for beginners, covering basic keyboarding techniques.


The modern standard-sized piano has 88 keys, which equals 88 notes and covers a range of seven octaves plus a minor third. A few pianos are specially made with an extend bass range, such as the Imperial Bosendorfer, which has 97 keys and covers a range of eight full octaves.


Piano wire, sometimes called music wire, is made of steel. When pianos were first invented, piano wire was made of brass or iron.


Bartolomeo Cristofori invented the first piano in Florence, Italy, in 1700. The first piano was a simple keyboard, but Cristofori experimented with the design over the years. By the 1730s, elite Europeans purchased and played pianos.


Piano teachers need musical knowledge, compassion, organization, flexibility and self-awareness. Teaching piano can be rewarding and financially lucrative, but teachers need the right temperament in addition to a knowledge of music.


Keyboard note charts help piano students learn which notes correspond with each key on the keyboard. The simplest keyboard charts only list the notes for the large white keys while full charts list also include sharp and flat notes on both the black and white keys.


In general, the quickest and most cost-effective way of selling a second hand piano is to place an advert in local newspapers or classifieds, especially online if possible. Online adverts often cost very little in comparison with printed adverts, so they are a better choice.


The piano belongs to the chordophone family according to the Hornbostel-Sachs system of classifying musical instruments. This system defines chordophones as instruments that produce sound through the vibration of strings that are stretched between two fixed points. The piano is classified under the


"Animals on the Keys," "From A to G and Back Again" and "Flash Memories" are some games to help kids learn how to play piano. Many musicians learn the basics of music and notation through piano lessons.