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To get rid of roaches, apply sticky traps, clean the entire house, dry wet areas, and use boric acid to kill the remaining roaches. Roach bait can be used instead of boric acid, if desired.


Natural ways to get rid of roaches include using catnip, bay leaves and borax. Catnip repels roaches and causes them to leave the area. Bay leaves work in the same way. Borax kills roaches when they come in contact with it.


To get rid of cockroaches, clean the home thoroughly, and use sticky boards to identify the insect's nesting sites. Then use cockroach baits, boric acid and diatomaceous earth to kill the insects. Most cockroach infestations require treatment for several months before t...


Some natural ways to get rid of roaches include maintaining house cleanliness and killing the roaches with a hedge apple. The use of diatomaceous earth and a cockroach trap also help kill roaches naturally.


To get rid of large roaches, use different types of bait to trap them and dispose of them and stop providing them with sustenance. Make sure to also get rid of all entrances into the home by sealing holes, cracks and gaps.


It takes about two weeks to get rid of a modest infestation of cockroaches, but it can take up to eight weeks to get rid of a heavy infestation, according to Pest Kill. However, there is no definitive time frame because of the variance in infestations.


When roaches invade a house, it's important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. These dirty insects damage books and wallpaper, snack on your food and spread germs to humans.