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To create a resume you need to choose a format type, assess your abilities, and do your research. As this process can be quite lengthy, usually a couple of hours, allow ample time to complete the task.


Create a new resume for free by downloading a free resume template and modifying each section to include your specific details, including you name and work experience. Alternately, start with a blank document, and create separate sections for your contact information, personal statement, work histor


To create a job resume, list contact information such as your full name, email, phone number and permanent address, and then provide a list of former job titles. Summarize the duties you performed in each position, briefly describe your honors and achievements, and then add educational details.


Essential things to consider when creating a resume include good formatting, identifying accomplishments, catering the resume for the industry and replacing the objectives with a career summary, states the American Society of Medical Engineers. Including as many keywords as possible and avoiding cli


To create a good nursing resume, make sure to include relevant clinical and nursing experience. This includes nursing school experience. Doing this is one way to highlight specific skills and experience to convince a hiring manager that you are the best applicant.


Microsoft recommends using a template or table to create a resume in Word. To create a resume using a template in Word 2013, click File, then click New. Type "resume" in the search box, then click the magnifying class. Searching while online produces more results than an offline search.


Create a compelling resume by being concise, organized, professional but unique, and incorporating key words and relevant figures and percentages, suggests The Hired Group. Every resume should be customized to a specific job so it does not appear generic alongside other resumes reviewed by the hirin


Most job descriptions are listed by bullet point in chronological order from the most recent job to the last relevant job, states Susan Ireland's Resume Site. It is a good idea to present only jobs that are relevant to the desired position. For example, an applicant might list a previous management


The best fonts for professional resumes are easy to read and do not distract the reader from the content. Arial, Georgia and Garamond are top fonts for resumes recommended by The Creative Group and Business News Daily.


The best fonts for resumes are traditional and easy to read. Commonly used resume fonts include Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri and Tahoma, according to About.com. Resume fonts should be set to 10- or 12-point size to ensure maximum readability. Larger sizes are acceptable for section headers but no