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To clean pearls, dissolve soap flakes in warm water, wet a soft cloth in the solution, and wipe the pearls clean. Wet a fresh cloth with plain warm water, and use it to rinse the pearls. Let the pearls air dry, and wrap them in a soft cloth before storing.


Pearls are so delicate that cleaning them is not recommended. However, if it becomes necessary, use a tiny bit of mild detergent on a damp cloth, but make sure to wring out most of the water. Wipe the pearls very gently in each direction. Afterwards, use another soft, b...


To clean yellowed cultured pearls, gently immerse and swirl the pearls in either a jewelry cleaner specifically made for use with pearls or warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse the pearls carefully, and lay them to dry on a soft, clean cloth. Allow them to dry complet...


To clean yellowed cultured pearls, use a soft damp cloth and use pearl cleaner. Other jewelry cleaners and liquid soap can damage pearls further.


The best way to clean windows is not with a commercially prepared window cleaning solution, but with dish soap and water. You also need a single-edge razor, a window scrubber, a squeegee, a chamois, a bucket and old rags.


There are multiple ways to clean aluminum, but the best method is with a mixture of vinegar and water. This vinegar mixture is a good choice for cleaning aluminum household items such as kettles, pots and other types of cookware.


Cleaning a dishwasher requires cleaning every individual part of the machine. Removing the racks, scrubbing off stains, scrubbing the racks and running a wash cycle while the washer is empty are the critical components of performing a thorough cleaning.