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Removing water from gas can be accomplished using chemical additives or by using filters and/or funnels. For e10 gasoline (with ethanol), adding high-octane fuel and running the contaminated gas through the engine separates the water.


Water that has been heated to the point that it transforms into its gas form is simply known as water vapor, or sometimes simply as vapor. Water vapor, in its own pure form, is invisible, unlike the water and its solid form, ice.


The only safe way to remove a gas meter is to contact the local gas utility and arrange for it to remove the meter from the property. An individual should never, under any circumstances, attempt to remove the gas meter himself. Not only is removing a gas meter extremely dangerous, it may also be ill


There are two primary safety tips for removing an old gas water heater, according to DIY Network and Do it Yourself; disconnecting the gas flow and removing the hot water. Without doing both prior to removing the old heater, the removal process can cause fires or burns.


One way to remove a gasoline smell from car carpet is to scrub the carpet using a mixture of carpet shampoo and hot water. The shampooing should be followed up with a sprinkling of baking soda, which should be vacuumed up later.


Before removing the old gas valve from the water heater, users must first turn off the gas and the cold water supply. They can then remove the old valve using pliers or a screwdriver, depending on the model of water heater. A pipe wrench is necessary to remove the valve.


The presence of water in a vehicle's fuel system can present several problems including the alteration of fuel to air ratio that will reduce engine power that may cause the engine to stall. If large amounts of water enters a vehicle's fuel system, it can lead to prolonged cranking, stalling and a lo


The usual life span of a water heater is about eight to 12 years, depending on local weather conditions, installation quality and the amount of maintenance completed. If a water heater is over 10 years old and does not work properly or leaks, it is probably time to replace it.


A hot water tank heater works by the principle of convection where heated hot water rises and cold water is lowered to take its place before being heated. Gas is used to heat the water at the bottom of the tank.


When condensation from water contaminates a gas tank, the most common symptoms are poor fuel economy, engine running rough, stalling or failing to start, and hydrostatic lock. Condensation inside a fuel tank or a leaky fuel filter can contaminate gas that has been stored too long.