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Which vegetables, fruits, and herbs are safe to feed your guinea pig? Are the foods you have been giving your cavy “guinea pig safe“? Besides water, hay, and pellets, what else can your guinea pig eat? → Jump to the Guinea Pig Safe Food List


Feeding your guinea pigs vegetables and fruit as a regular part of their diet provides them with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. It also keeps their diet varied and interesting. After all, nobody likes eating the same thing for every meal, and guinea pigs are no different.


In this short article, I am going to present you with five of the best guinea pig foods. I will also inform you on how to choose the best product by telling you about the best pellets, veggies, fruits, and hay for your little pet.


Best veggies for guinea pigs? (self.guineapigs) submitted 1 hour ago by Abcdnogooduserforme. Sorry if this is the wrong reddit for this post, it’s my first time posting on a Reddit.


Guinea Pig Diet: What Fruits and Veggies Can Guinea Pigs Eat? By Deanna deBara . Knowing what goes into the ideal guinea pig diet will ensure that your little rodent friend stays healthy (and happy!) for years to come.


Guinea pigs should eat varied fruits and vegetables to ensure their diet is properly balanced. Eating the same fruits and vegetables day after day can cause intestinal problems; for instance, eating to much lettuce can cause diarrhea.


Guinea Pig food list - food they can eat and food they should not. ... Vegetables for Guinea Pigs. Vegetables should be the main fresh food in their nutrition plan at the winter season if/and there is no way to get fresh grass. Of course vegetables does not replace hay. Fresh hay has to be provided permanent. ... At best case your pig was only ...


If you feed a good selection of vegetables high in vitamin C along with a good, fresh guinea pig pellet, you can probably meet the vitamin C needs of the average guinea pig. Many guinea pig pellets have vitamin C added but, unfortunately, vitamin C is quite unstable and will degrade over time.


The Top 13 Vegetables for Guinea Pigs. There are a number of vegetables that are safe to give your guinea pig, and many will help keep your pet healthy and happy too. We’ll discuss 13 of the best vegetables for guinea pigs below. 1. Celery. Celery is primarily comprised of fiber and water, so it is a safe food for your guinea pigs.


Broccoli, like all vegetables, should only be fed to guinea pigs raw. Don’t give cooked broccoli to guinea pigs. Corn. Should you consider corn as a vegetable to feed to guinea pigs, or is this a grain to avoid? Corn, or sweet corn as the most common type is known, is a starchy grain which means its quite high in carbohydrates.