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Used Items. Items listed on our Used Gear page are available on a first come, first served basis. If you are keenly interested in an item, CALL THE STORE listing the item and order it on the spot as it could be sold before we are able to process your web order.


By buying used ham radio equipment considerable cost savings can be made. While there are advantages to buying used ham radio equipment, there are also some pitfalls and it is necessary to be very careful not to buy an item that may have faults in it and one that may negate any savings that can be made.


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In the early years of amateur radio, operators used to build their equipment. From scratch. Later, when used military (from the 2nd world war) and commercial communications equipment started to become available, hams would buy them cheap and modify them to work on the ham bands.


I’m planning on buying a small multi-mode HF rig for a relative who has recently become a ham. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve bought a radio (used or otherwise). I’m polling the readership for opinions of the very best choice. Ah, what do I mean by “best”? Here are my criteria: […]


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Welcome to our Used gear page. We buy and Trade for used gear almost daily. If you have any questions or see something on the list call us now 903-737-0773. We try and keep a fresh inventory of used equipment. We try and move all old stock out every 30 days on ebay. Check our auctions HERE . Dont Forget we are cash buyers for Used Ham Radio Gear.


the ham station,inc ceased operation 12/31/2017 however - i still have the bldg open - see the above posted times - & i am still personally buying,selling,trading dan n9apa.


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