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While strong, oh-so-soft toilet paper may be a real treat for your derrière, it could be wreaking havoc on your plumbing system. After all, the softest, prettiest papers with floral patterns and cartoon mascots printed on them take longer to break down. For older plumbing systems and septic tanks, this could lead to clogging or sewer backups.


Toilet Paper Reviews. Toilet Paper Reviews Sep 27, 2017 ... Of all the "green" toilet paper, testers liked this recycled option best. ... A quick-dissolving option for those with plumbing issues.


The great toilet paper search is over. I have found the only toilet paper you should ever buy. At least it’s the only toilet paper I should ever buy. If you’ve been following along with my toilet troubles, you know I went on a rampage, searching for the most dissolvable toilet paper on the ...


The excellent quality toilet paper ensures adequate safety for the plumbing system. Also, it provides proper comfort and focuses on other safety and hygiene issues. That’s why every concern users prefer the perfect items. Based on the users’ requirement and demand, we selected several goods for review. In this article, also, you will get some […]


With regard to the toilet paper you choose, the best really is the worst when it comes to your household plumbing. Particularly if your home has a septic system, putting plush product into your plumbing is a bad idea – one that could cost a lot of money, in the long run.


A bad choice of a toilet paper can damage your plumbing system and be expensive to have it fixed. Generally, people think all the toilet paper gets break down easily and take equal amounts of time to dissolve but this is not true. There are many factors that you should consider before using a toilet paper: 1) Toilet paper brands:


Toilet paper is essential, but it can be hard to choose which one is best for you. This is the best toilet paper you can buy.


Toilet paper is a topic every household deals with on a regular basis. Mostly families disagree on the brand due to specific likes and dislikes. However, homeowners should also be concerned about what the toilet paper does to the plumbing system. If you have been having issues with the septic system or sewers you will […]


The Best Toilet Paper for Your Plumbing. Jason Ingolfsland. images72/Shutterstock. We tested toilet paper breakdown and this is what happened. Toilets clog for a number of reasons, but one reason few consider is the type of toilet paper they use. While all toilet paper dissolves eventually, the speed at which it breaks down is what matters.


Toilet paper that doesn’t dissolve just sits in a clump in your plumbing. And if it gets caught on something like a jagged edge or corner in your pipes it will stay there for a longggg time, allowing more and more paper to get stuck and caught on it, creating, eventually a big mass of undissolved toilet paper blocking your sewer line.