A good time to visit and enjoy Florida is during the shoulder seasons. The shoulder seasons of Florida are between April and May, and between September and November. More »

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The best time to go crabbing is when the water is moving, according to Crab Tips. This is dependent on the region of the world, but in general, the best time for crabbing is early morning and at high tide, especially whe... More »

The best times of day to fish are one hour before and after high tide, and one hour before and after low tide, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. Just after sunup and just before sundown are also great times to fish ... More »

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The best cities in Florida for retirees includeTampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, according to Kiplinger. These cities are all part of Tampa Bay, which is a popular Florida locale due to the fact that many retirees ca... More »

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Three of the best beaches on the west coast of Florida are Naples Beach, Clearwater Beach and Siesta Key. Clearwater Beach is one of the best beaches because of the number of water activities in which travelers can parti... More »

Florida is 361 miles wide and 447 miles long. Florida has a total area of 58,560 square miles and a land area of 54,252 square miles. More »

The major landforms in Florida include the beaches, the rolling hills in the panhandle, the Everglades swamp and Lake Okeechobee. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surround the state. Even though there are 1,200 ... More »