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Therefore, to encourage your goldfish to lay eggs, you should lower the temperature of your tank in the winter months to between 10°C/50°F and 12°C/54°F. Then, when you want to induce breeding, gradually raise the temperature of the water to between 20°C/68°F and 23°C/74°F.


Want to know the best temperature to keep the water in your goldfish tank or pond? A complete guide to temperature for both fancy and slim-bodied breeds.


Goldfish Water Temperature Goldfish are considered cold-water fish, but although they can survive a wide range of temperatures, that does not mean they are happy or healthy in cold water. Goldfish can survive temperatures from forty degrees to one hundred six degrees, but the extremes will kill the goldfish if th e exposure lasts too long.


The Best Fish Tanks For Your Goldfish. When it comes to fish tanks for your goldfish, there are a few really good options. There are kits that include everything you need, bow-front tanks for a unique and interesting view, as well as bare tanks that let you choose all the components separately.


Goldfish are happiest when their aquarium water temperature falls between 65ºF and 72ºF. Aquariums that reach the 80’s or higher become very stressed and ill. You will likely need to scoop out your floating goldfish in a day or two of your goldfish living in such uncomfortable and dangerous conditions.


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How to Keep a Goldfish Alive. One of the most important factors in maintaining your goldfish's health is the quality and condition of the water in its tank. Ensure that your tank is properly set up and that water quality is actively...


While there is some truth in this – the water temperature is unlikely to fall out of a safe range for your fish – it will still fluctuate, depending on the ambient temperature of the room. As we’ve learned above, fluctuations aren’t good for goldfish, so it’s best to keep their tank’s temperature stable by using a heater.


Goldfish water temperature the fish tank placetemperature that goldfish can tolerate without stress and cloudy gardenweb. What is the optimum water temperature for goldfish aquarium? Quora.


However, some fancy goldfish are not as hardy as some less showy relatives and stability is the name of the game, so avoid placing tanks near radiators or in direct sunlight. If keeping fancy goldfish outside you will have far less control over temperatures but, in my experience, this has no adverse effects.