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To stretch your lower back, assume the correct stance, contract your abs, roll your back upward while keeping your chin tucked, and hold the position. Return to your beginning stance, roll your back downward, and hold the position. Repeat the process for a thorough stretch.


Dr. Chris Iliades for Everyday Health explains that the best and safest back stretches support the back muscles at all times. One safe stretch is the pelvic tilt; lie on the back with knees bent and tighten the stomach muscles until the small of the back touches the floor. The knee-to-chest and hams


Lower back pain makes it hard to stand or sit straight. Stretching and exercising the lower back can reduce pain and deter future lower back pain.


According to WebMD, stretch marks are discolorations or scarring in the skin after it has been stretched out due to significant weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy. The marks form as a result of the middle layer of the skin being stretched out rapidly and not bouncing back to its original elastici


The benefits of stretching the lower back on a regular basis include improving the range of motion, reducing back pain, and increasing the flexibility of tendons, ligaments and muscles, explains Spine-health. Stretching exercises focused on the lower back help to relieve tension and morning stiffnes


Men's Health recommends dynamic stretching. There are two major types of stretching: static and dynamic. A static stretch is a movement in which the body leans forward until there is a slight discomfort in the targeted muscle. In a dynamic stretch, an individual should quickly move a muscle in and o


Stretch marks do fade and become lighter over time. These lines show up when skin stretches, and they are typically due to excess weight, adolescence or pregnancy. Stretch marks most commonly appear on stomach, breasts, buttocks, thighs and hips.


Polyester is a durable synthetic fabric that does not stretch or shrink. Like other fabrics, polyester has bias stretch caused by the weaving process, but in garment production, pattern pieces are always cut on the non-stretching straight grain of the fabric.


To stretch the lower trapezius muscle, start with a twist stretch on the floor by crossing your legs, positioning your elbow, and twisting up and back. Next, sit in a chair, cross your arms, grab the armrests, and roll forward into a stretch.


The best way to stretch leather shoes is to use a spray that is a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. Combine the ingredients in equal parts in a spray bottle.