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One good recipe for stewed tomatoes requires briefly boiling cored tomatoes first, then putting them in ice to shock the skin for easy peeling. After cutting the tomatoes into small pieces, cook with butter, seasonings and 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar until the tomatoes are soft.


To can stewed tomatoes in a water bath, take the skins off firm tomatoes, boil them in water, and fill the canning jars with the stewed tomatoes. Put the filled canning jars with their lids on into a bath of hot boiling water, and ensure the canning jars are covered by 1 to 2 inches of water. Boil t


Tomatoes are a healthy and versatile fruit consumed throughout the world. They contain numerous antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are also relatively low in calories.


The best chicken stew recipes includes a good selection of vegetables and savory seasonings, such as basil and thyme. Liquids are also an important part of any good stew, and the best recipes use common ingredients, such as olive oil and chicken broth, but can also include personal ingredient choice


A good recipe for chicken stew consists of placing chicken, vegetables and spices into a slow cooker and cooking on low for eight hours. After cooking the chicken and vegetables, the liquid is turned into a creamy broth before serving.


Can Dogs Eat This explains that feeding a dog tomatoes is best avoided because of the substance tomatine. Though a dog may eat a small amount of tomatoes without negative effects, it should not consume the leaves or stems of the tomato plant because the amount of tomatine is toxic.


Tomatoes are slightly poisonous to dogs, but the danger is minimal enough that they are considered acceptable to feed to canines. Although usually safe, it is best not to feed an abundance of tomatoes to a dog, especially tomatoes that are overly green, as the risk of complications increases.


Make the best oyster stew by using fresh ingredients such as shucked oysters, onions, celery and whole milk. Add spices such as garlic, black pepper and parsley to enhance the stew's flavor.


In the U.S., tomatoes are in season throughout the Summer, from June until September. California and Florida are the two states that have the largest tomato crop yields.


Tomatoes can be harvested when they reach their mature green state and ripened off the vine, or they can be vine-ripened until fully mature. To harvest before the tomatoes fully ripen, remove them from the plant when their color just begins to change, signifying that ripening has begun.