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A person can buy parts for big-rig trucks at a number of online retailers, such as Big Rig Chrome Shop, Big Rig World, Empire Chrome Shop and Raney's Truck Parts. New seats, horn systems, steering wheels and CB radios are some of the items available.


Some popular trucking companies in the United States include J.B. Hunt, Southeastern Freight Lines, Arkansas Best and C.H. Robinson Worldwide. Other companies of good standing include FedEx and United Parcel Service.


The top 50 trucking companies in the United States includes UPS, Yellow Freight and Schneider. A complete list of the top 100 trucking companies based on revenue is provided from Monheit Law.


You can buy trucks with off-road or rugged terrain capabilities through car dealerships. It's also possible to research new or used off-road trucks for sale through websites such as Autotrader.com.


It is possible to buy a truck in fair condition for under $1,000. Trucks purchased from an auto auction or through private parties can be had for less than $1,000, but a buyer will need to do research on each vehicle.


Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, RAM and GMC are generally considered the best and most popular truck brands. The Kelly Blue Book awarded Ford with the title of "Best Overall Truck Brand" in 2015.


Ice road truckers, followed by oversized and Hazmat drivers make more money than any other truck driver in the industry. These jobs are extremely dangerous and require an advanced set of skills.


It might be a good idea to buy a cheap truck, depending on what needs one has and what is available on the local market. If someone requires a truck to haul garbage or heavy equipment from place to place, a reliable used model might be available nearby that is cheaper than the shinier, newer models


Buyers can browse, identify and order pre-owned trucks from online merchants susch as Cars.com, Trucks.gibsontruckworld.com and Toyotacertified.com. These sites provide information on available trucks as well as where to find pre-owned trucks and how to purchase them.


Buy new parts for Ford trucks at FordParts.com or Amazon.com, and buy used parts for Ford trucks at Car-Part.com. FordParts.com sells new parts, with every part featuring the Ford Parts or Motorcraft brand name recommended by Ford. Amazon.com sells many new Ford truck parts, with some available at l