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Spider mites belong to the class Arachnida, a group that also includes spiders, ticks and other eight-legged creatures. Spider mites are a common enemy of gardeners and plant enthusiasts, as they frequently do serious damage to plants. There are several species of spider mites, each favoring differe


Spraying infected plants with chemical pesticides or organic repellents kills the spider mites living on the plants. It is recommended to first spray off the plant with water to remove as many spider mites as possible.


Some ways to kill spider mites include insect sprays that are specifically made for mites and oils, such as neem oil. Diluting neem oil with water and spraying it on the plants is a common and safe way to get rid of spider mites that does not harm anything else.


Control spider mite populations by limiting their food, which is other insects, reports Planet Natural. Other methods include isolating and removing infected plants, providing adequate irrigation to wash away dust or introducing predatory species such as ladybugs.


To get rid of spider mites, confirm the infestation, remove heavily infested leaves and knock the spider mites off with a stream of water. Severe infestations can be treated with chemicals or by introducing natural predators.


One home remedy plant owners can use to get rid of spider mites is to spray the leaves with dish soap and water. Add several tablespoons of dish detergent to a full water bottle and spray plant leaves thoroughly.


Glue boards and other sticky traps are effective methods for killing spiders in the home. Because most spiders do not pick up pesticides unless they are sprayed directly, using a combination of methods to kill them is the best strategy.


Spider mites are not harmful to humans. These mites, which are related to spiders and ticks, specifically feed and reproduce on plants, so the pests are not able to use humans for these purposes.


Spider mites occasionally bite people when they brush past potted trees or directly handle plants, but this does not happen often. Spider mites are not capable of living on or within human skin. Bites look like a small pimple with a red circle surrounding it.


Home remedies for killing spider mites include spraying them with high pressure hoses, using a solution of dish soap and water and trying essential oils. Other options include introducing predators of the mites and using rubbing alcohol.