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To clean a sofa, brush and vacuum it, steam clean the fabric, and let it air dry for several hours. This method works on sofas with "W" and "WS" care labels. Find an assistant, a brush, a vacuum with an upholstery attachment, a steam cleaner, water and detergent.


When opened up, a queen-sized sleeper sofa measures approximately 84 inches wide and 90 inches long. When it's opened up to a bed, two people can sleep comfortably, and as a sofa, it comfortably seats three people.


It is unknown who the exact inventor of the sofa was; the initial designs and models were invented in England and France around the late 17th century. One of the earliest surviving sofas originates from England and is thought to have been made in 1690s.


Configurable sectionals, love seats, apartment-sized couches and futons work well in small rooms. Each of these sofas takes up less space than a traditional couch.


Full-grain leather is the best type of leather for sofas and other furniture, according to Overstock.com. Other types of leather commonly used in furniture are split-grain, aniline and pigmented.


As of 2015, Blu Dot's Couchoid Sofa, Crate & Barrel's Lounge Sofa and Room & Board's Jasper Sofa are some of the most comfortable sofas, according to ApartmentTherapy.com. Each sofa is soft, yet supportive and available in a range of colors.


According to advice from feng shui practitioners as well as the Indian Ayurvedic tradition, it's best to position the headboard of one's bed to the south or east in order to promote the best possible sleep at night. Feng shui admonitions regarding positioning of a bed r...