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Use a power miter saw by keeping it steady and holding it firm. Make sure you adjust the angle for cleaner cuts as well as practice safety techniques. Manual miter saws may require a different set of techniques.


A miter cut is an angled cut made on a piece of wood. Special saws are used to make these angled cuts.


Compound-Miter.com and EliteTrimWorks.com provide charts for compound miter saw cuts. To find the correct chart, review the ones on each website for the corner angle that matches your project.


ThisOldHouse.com, RonHazelton.com and DoItYourself.com each have project instructions for cutting molding with a miter saw. These sites walk users through the steps of measuring and cutting different types of molding.


To miter corners, choose a saw, mark a 45-degree angle, and cut the ends of two pieces of wood on the line you marked. A miter joint does not require special tools, but a miter box is inexpensive and helpful if you need to cut numerous mitered corners.


To replace a blade on a Delta miter saw, unscrew the guards from the saw and then use a wrench to unscrew the bolt holding the blade while holding the bolt in place on the other side with an Allen wrench. Remove the old blade and screw in the bolt around the new blade.


Determine miter saw angles for crown molding by deciding if you can cut the molding vertically or must use the flat method. Other factors influencing angles include the type of corner and the side of the corner you are cutting. The flat method requires compound miters a...